Buying in the Banana Store
and you are fuelling this Orangutang's cart.



Total Supply (Banana): 10 Billion
Burnt: 25%
Marketing/Dev Wallet: 7.5 %
Buy/Sell Taxes: 0
Rest of Liquidity: Locked
Conclusion: Have fun. Buy Bananas.


Step 1:

Spreading naturally through Social Media.
Introducing Fan Art NFT

Step 2:

Reaching 1000 Holders and starting to work on Web 3 Orangutang game where you can collect bananas. Game planned to be integrated into the metaverse. Liquidity will keep growing due to further burns and sponsorships.

Step 3:

By 10k holders game is done and will plan to open Banana Store Swap.

Step 4:

Unique NFT Collection

Step 5: 

 Will be possible to purchase tours into rainforests with Banana Tokens and meet Orangutang's personally. Chill with them, eat Banana with them. Smoke blunts with them.